David Puyou

Empowering digital transformation and bringing global IT teams together for seamless success - Managing multidisciplinary IT teams and driving innovation across borders with 18 years of IT expertise.

"All the calculations show it can't work. There's only one thing to do : make it work." Pierre-Georges Latécoère

What I Do

Develop and implement IT strategies

Responsible for developing and implementing IT strategies that align with the organization's objectives and ensure effective use of technology to support business operations across various countries and regions.

Manage global IT operations

Responsible for managing and coordinating the IT operations across multiple countries and regions, which involves overseeing IT teams, ensuring compliance with IT policies and standards, and monitoring IT budgets.

Support global business operations

Responsible for supporting business operations across multiple countries and regions, which involves ensuring the availability and performance of IT systems, managing IT projects, and supporting global teams with IT tools and applications.

Stakeholder Engagement

Communicate effectively with stakeholders, including business leaders, IT professionals, and end-users, to ensure that the IT organization's strategy is aligned with their needs and expectations. This mission involves building relationships with stakeholders, managing expectations, and resolving conflicts to ensure that IT initiatives are successful.